The 50-50 Club Lottery

5 Great Cash Prizes every month!

First Prize 30% of income, Four further prizes each of 5% of income!

50-50 Club

How the 50-50 Club Works

The centre is not affiliated with the national MS society but is entirely a local and self-funded cause. Without our fundraising efforts the centre would close. Could you join our monthly 50-50 draw?

It's very simple! All you have to do is buy a minimum of one monthly chance, we would of course encourage you to buy five or more to increase your chances of winning!

When you buy your monthly chances, you are automatically entered into the monthly draw. Each month the five winners will be drawn and personally notified of their win. Winning numbers will be posted on this results page it's as simple as that!

So please support the Therapy Centre with the 50-50 Club by setting up your membership today and help make a difference!

* The 50-50 Club is conducted by licence under the Lottery & Amusements Act 1976.


How To Join

How To Join

You can pay an annual membership by cash or cheque (e.g. 5 balls x 12 months = £60), or most people prefer to set up a monthly standing order to our account (below) which gives you the flexibility to change the amount or cancel if you wish to. 

Our bank details are:

Bank: Royal bank of Scotland

Name: MS Region Therapy

Account number: 10361341

Sort code: 16-00-09


Firstly, please contact us by email or phone and supply your :

Name, Address and Telephone number and Email address (if applicable).

When the payment is set up, you will then be allocated your desired number of balls, each with their own individual number.


Phone: 01942 217696

Thank you and Good Luck!

Draw Results

October 2020

Result Name Number Amount
1st Lindsay Taylor 1191 £125.10
2nd Carol Daley 1360 £20.85
3rd Ruth Hart 1257 £20.85
4th Gill Banks 1299 £20.85
5th Alison Maloney 1315 £20.85

August 2020

Result Name Number Amount
1st Diane Corfield 1131 £127.60
2nd Gill Banks 1340 £21.20
3rd Susan Halsall 1129 £21.20
4th Julie Ann Jones 1306 £21.20
5th Jackie Hodgkinson 1375 £21.20

July 2020

Result Name Number Amount
1st K & P Elliott 1289 £126.60
2nd J Rodriguez 1292 £21.10
3rd B Thompson 1417 £21.10
4th J Lynn 1215 £21.10
5th A Speakman 1110 £21.10

June 2020

Result Name Number Amount
1st Eva Murphy 1402 £123.60
2nd Gill Banks 1210 £20.60
3rd Gill Banks 1340 £20.60
4th Janet Lynn 1215 £20.60
5th Wendy Welch 1259 £20.60

May 2020

Result Name Number Amount
1st Jim Fitzpatrick 1012 £124.50
2nd Jacqui Hodgkinson 1375 £20.75
3rd Eva Murphy 1404 £20.75
4th Pauline Sherrington 1098 £20.75
5th Gail Hern 1328 £20.75

April 2020

Result Name Number Amount
1st Carol Liptrot 1132 £119.90
2nd Alan Rigby 1279 £19.95
3rd Jim Fitzpatrick 1020 £19.95
4th Julie Ann Jones 1352 £19.95
5th Pauline Sherrington 1099 £19.95