On Tuesday afternoons we also offer CHAIR YOGA classes suitable for all abilities with our yoga instructor. Listen and follow along to her soothing voice and feel the stress flow from you as revitalising energy fills you!

There are many examples of Yoga being used as a positive physical therapy, patients with MS and Arthritis have been known to gain mobility and easing of pain.

Yoga has been shown to tackle fatigue experienced by people with Multiple Sclerosis, the gentle stretching and toning positions energise the body's systems and relaxation calms the mind, which in turn promotes a feeling of well being.

Our therapist will organise a set of exercises and positions to suit your individual needs.

YOGA Prices

Chair Yoga: £4.00 per session

* Please note prices are subject to change.


Marsh Green Community Centre Craft Mornings

Every Tuesday morning from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon.

Open to all members of the community.

Come and join us with your knitting, crocheting, paints, drawing stuff, or any crafts you would like to attempt.

Bring your own raw materials.

We all aim to be creative whilst having fun along the way.

All welcome (even if you don’t do crafts!).

Come and have a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit.

£1 per session, including refreshments.

Craft Prices

Craft Morning: £1.00 per session, including refreshments

* Please note prices are subject to change.